5️ Reasons for marking this running festival in your diary

2022 - Antwerp Marathon (128)

Runners will take over the city again on Sunday 22 October. The new date and one new distance make this year’s Antwerp Marathon one for everyone! 5 reasons why you should definitely be there. 👇   

  1. This 3rd edition once again allows you to enjoy a 100% city course. Fun fact: of all Belgian marathons, the Antwerp Marathon has the most kilometres through the city centre!
  2. Obviously, a 100% city course also features the Antwerp landmarks. The Port Authority building, Boerentoren, Palace of Justice, Central Station, the Meir and Grote Markt all make an appearance.
  3. Finish by the mighty MAS! No better way to end your run than by this iconic building. Every participant will cross the finish line like a true winner in the shade of the Museum aan de Stroom.
  4. Fans of shorter distances can opt for an 8 km route this year. That course crosses the heart of the city of the Scheldt too and covers all the highlights.
  5. Last but not least: atmosphere at every kilometre. Need we say more?!

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