Fashion For Cycling Ladies Cup with Lotte Kopecky


On Friday and Saturday, the main programme will be interspersed with the Fashion For Cycling Ladies Cup. Together with several young Belgian talented cyclists, Lotte Kopecky will compete against riders from the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and France.

The Friday and Saturday menu features an individual elimination and points race. Kopecky is the reigning World and European Champion in both disciplines.

The heirs to the throne are already waiting and will also make their appearance in the Kuipke. Katrijn De Clercq is the European silver medal holder in the elimination race and Hélène Hesters, younger sister of six-day rider Jules, is the reigning U23 European Champion in the same discipline.


  • Lotte Kopecky (BEL)
  • Hélène Hesters (BEL)
  • Katrijn De Clercq (BEL)
  • Marith Van Hove (BEL)
  • Laerke Expeels (BEL)
  • Lani Wittevrongel (BEL)
  • Marit Raaijmakers (NED)
  • Yuli van der Molen (NED)
  • Ellen Hjollund Klinge (DEN)
  • Lea Lin Teutenberg (DUI)
  • Victoire Berteau (FRA)
  • Constance Marchand (FRA)

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