Port of Antwerp Night Marathon to finish by MAS


The first edition of the Port of Antwerp Night Marathon will start on the broad streets between the MAS and Port Authority Building on Saturday 11th September. The runners will finish under the MAS.

Under normal circumstances, the Port of Antwerp Night Marathon would already be celebrating its second edition in 2021, however, it was sadly only possible to organise a virtual run through Antwerp one year ago. This year, it will be possible to organise a ‘real/physical’ city marathon in September. About 7,000 runners have already signed up.

“Yesterday’s Consultation Commitee press conference shed light on the situation and provided a longer-term vision”, says Greg Broekmans of organiser Golazo Sports. “This will allow us to continue working with confidence with our sights set on 11th September and also provides our participants with welcome prospects.” The start location will move from the Vlaamse Kaai to the area between the MAS and Port Authority Building. The Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai and surrounding streets will allow the organisers to guarantee comfortable distancing between participants in the starting zone.

After the first metres along the Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai, the course will lead the runners over the Mexicobrug and along the stunning Port Authority Building, after which it turns completely southward for a run of 42.195 or 21 kilometres straight through the City.

After the last kilometre through the vibrant streets of the Eilandje, everybody will finish at the foot of the MAS on 11th September 2021, and not on the Scheldekaaien as was planned one year ago. There is no location more beautiful than the iconic Museum Aan the Stroom for completing your (half) marathon!

De Wever: “My preparations have already begun!”

“The Port of Antwerp Night Marathon will be the apotheosis of what will hopefully be a sparkling summer of sports in Antwerp”, says Antwerp’s mayor Bart De Wever. “Starting in the direction of the Port Authority Building and finishing by the MAS will make this a true city marathon that is bound to claim its unique spot on the international calendar. My preparations have already begun!”

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